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Estimated Bookings from Google:

Estimated Revenue from Google:



Estimated Total Traffic for Target Keywords

How much traffic you've found using a keyword tool like Ubersuggest. To find your yearly revenue potential, enter the total yearly searches. To find your monthly revenue potential, enter in the monthly traffic volume.

CTR (%)

Click-Through Rate (How many people see your website on Google vs how many actually click). 1st page rankings can vary from .5% to 40%. On average, most can get around 4%.

Visitor to Inquiry Ratio (VTI) (%)

The ratio of how many inquiries you get vs how many total visitors come to your site. To find, use Google Analytics to see how many visitors you had in 28 days. Now, divide the amout of inquiries you received by the total number of visitors. This % is your VTI %.
Closing Percentage (%) Enter the % of inquiries you book.

Average Customer Spend (ACS)

Enter your total revenue divided by how many customers you served, or if you know "about" what your average customer spends usually, enter that here.




Estimated Bookings from Google

This is how many bookings you'll get from Google based on your inputs.

Estimated Revenue from Google

This is your Estimated revenue that you can tap into by taping into the traffic in column A.

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